Balanced Approach

Core Learning Services, Inc's programs,
The Compass CourseThe Compass Anti-bullying Program, Switch Off Stress and Opportunity Knocking are all based on The Balancing Act by CLSI President, Sharon Seivert.  To learning more about The Balancing Act &/or order the book click here.

After years of using TBA programs in the adult business population, we were invited in to two Boston urban high schools where we had our first successes working with youth. (See Testimonials and Success Stories.)

The Balancing Act's educational programs are based on an innovated and highly-effective 5 Elements of Success "Compass" approach which has diverse and rich intellectual roots.   

Both of our Compass programs are designed to help students achieve character-based success by developing, step-by-step, the practical life and work skills that are associated with each different Element of Success.  When all of these steps are aligned with each other, the accumulative results are extraordinary. 

A Roll-out Process that Supports Students, Teachers, Schools and Communities

CLSI typically begins by training teachers in a school system to deliver one of our youth programs. These are intensive professional development programs, highly praised by teachers for the personal and professional benefits they receive. 

These teacher programs are delivered over time for 45 PDP credits from the Massachusetts Department of Education (with reciprocity for all New England schools).  

Our cascading process is designed so that teachers who gain sufficient skills in The Balancing Act processes are trained to teach other teachers in their system and bring the programs completely in-house.

We have found that this cascading delivery approach has positive ripple effects not only for the teachers and students, but also for the school culture and its larger community of families and neighborhoods.  

CLSI has also often been called into schools where we have used the TBA system to rethink and re-energize strategic planning, align new superintendents with existing school leaders, getting teams unstuck, and providing a new way to approach leader development. 

In all cases, no matter where we are asked to begin this work, our approach is designed to create positive ripple effects that cascade throughout the whole system.