What Teachers and School Leaders Say about The Balancing Act Programs:

  • I see a significant difference in the daily behavior, professionalism, and productivity of those who have taken this program and those who have not.

  • I am able to stand back, listen, wait and observe and think, then make corrective actions which have led to a more harmonious classroom atmosphere.

  • It helped me be aware that I control the environment in the classroom and not the students nor other adults.

  • I noticed in others a great weight taken off their shoulders and that without these burdens they are happier and are less prone to be put off-balance.

  • I changed because I can step back and observe the situation before I react. I am much calmer and use anger sparingly, if at all.

  • I try now not to waste my energy on the small stuff and feel more focused.

  • I'm much more positive and can rise above situations.

  • I have found ways to confront another staff person positively - which enabled me to stop hiding in my room and took away my fear.

  • Instead of being distracted by things, I am saving my energy for the students.

  • I became aware of my triggers and how not to get hooked into negative behaviors and thoughts.

  • I am able to speak and think more clearly.

  • I noticed that my classmates in this course now avoid energy-zapping behavior of others and are less judgmental.

  • The course has been a wonderful eye-opener for me. It has allowed me to take time for myself and look at situations more openly, not judging or wanting to change them.

  • I have gone back into the soul of myself--learning to prioritize and not let others draw me into bad situations.

  • People in this course have all grown to be better individuals--controlling their destiny and seeing the good in themselves.