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         Greetings from The Hoenderloo Groep teachers and leaders in Hollan

CLSI helps to create healthy school cultures where 
    leaders provide clear direction, 
        teachers reclaim their passion, 
           families participate in learning, and
               everyone works together so students can thrive.

   Your Compass for Success programs 
    in secondary schools include: 
  •       The Compass Course 
      The Compass Anti-Bullying Program.

The Compass Course is a 5-step character and life skills development program that teaches students the 5 Elements of Success (see above image). It has been used for years in middle and high-schools where it has been shown to: 
  • increase standardized test scores
  • reduce stress
  • improve classroom behavior and participation
  • increase attendance (to meet AYP goals)
  • improve school culture. Read more
In 2010 educators requested that CLSI augment The Compass Course to form The Compass Anti-Bullying Program, which targets the root causes of bullying, victimization, by-standing and other destructive behavior. The Compass Anti-Bullying Program is distinct from other approaches in that it addresses the root causes of bullying at all levels while proactively directing students' attention to developing vital skills for their own success in life, relationships, and work. Read more  

PLEASE DONATE TO OUR SCHOOL PROGRAMS! With your help CLSI (a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational services firm) can build a stronger next generation both nationally and internationally. Join our community. Donate today!  
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Core Learning Services provides 
practical tools for youth to develop:
          1. Purpose
          2. Hope
          3. Confidence
          4. Connection
          5. Performance
CLSI provides a powerful compass to help people navigate their own course toward lives where they flourish by contributing their gifts to the world.

CLSI's Board of Directors 
held its 11th annual meeting on Tuesday 12/15/15 
at the downtown Boston law offices of 
Weil, Gotshal & Manges



 Opportunity Knocking (OK) is a career training and jobs program for ex-prisoners. OK brings The Balancing Act tools that have benefited at-risk youth to a new population that has great need of it. 

To learn more about OK... 

Watch the video below or visit the Opportunity Knocking page on this website. 

See MIT Club of Boston event:
Creating New Careers & Entrepreneurial Opportunities after Prison

Arlene Reed-Delaney, MD, Co-founder Opportunity Knocking 
Glynn Lloyd, CEO of City Fresh
Helen Elaine Lee, MIT Professor of Creative Writing
Sharon Seivert, Co-founder of OK; President, CLSI

Please contact us if you would like to support OK in any capacity and/or bring this program to your community. And, if you can make a charitable contribution to this worthwhile program, please click the donate button above.

Thank you!!


The Balancing Act
 (by CLSI President, Sharon Seivert) forms the foundation for CLSI's innovative programs.  It is now available as an eBook which you can download here.

The Balancing Act gives individuals a logical, step-by-step formula to create desired changes in their own lives so they can reach their goals, flourish--and contribute to their communities.